Innovative Expansion Project to Improve Animal Handling and Welfare, Food Safety, and Product Quality

Grand Island, NE, Beef Production Facility

In May 2019, we announced a $95 million expansion project at our Grand Island, NE, beef production facility that will include new, improved animal handling facilities, a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled harvest floor and facility reconfiguration designed to improve team member experience, food safety and product quality. We believe the 107,000 square-foot expansion and facility enhancements will…

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King Island Beef Launches Traceability Program

JBS Australia Southern

In a first for a large-scale brand in the Australian beef industry, JBS Australia has announced a paddock-to-primals traceability system for King Island Beef as part of the relaunch of its highly regarded brand King Island Beef. At an exclusive field day on King Island in late October 2019, cattle producers, suppliers and distributors, and…

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Center of Innovation & Technology for Excellence

JBS USA and Pilgrim's

In pursuit of our mission to be the best and to arm our team members with data-driven insights and services, JBS USA has created the Center of Innovation & Technology for Excellence (“CITE”). This initiative is an example of the company’s commitment to embrace new tools and technologies that would have an impact on our…

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Large Business of the Year

Nacogdoches, TX, Poultry Complex

In 2019, our Pilgrim’s Nacogdoches team received the 2019 Large Business of the Year Award from the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber described the Nacogdoches Complex as a “powerhouse employer in the community,” employing more than 1,500 team members with a $62 million annual payroll. The processing facility was built in the 1970s…

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Global Food Saftey and Quality Assurance Team Meeting


Al Almanza, Global Head of FSQA, brought FSQA leaders from around the world to São Paulo, Brazil, Sept. 24-26, 2019, to share best practices and lessons learned, improve collaboration, and define needs and issues within the FSQA teams that should be addressed globally. During the event, Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO, and Wesley Batista Filho, President…

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Farm Assurance Program

JBS Australia Southern

In 2010, the JBS Australia Southern business unit implemented a Farm Assurance Program that is third-party audited and ISO17065 accredited (world standard for Farm Assurance). The program not only meets the expectations of customers and consumers around the globe, but has the added benefit of lifting the benchmark for the entire Australian industry. Over the…

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New Innovation

Pilgrim’s Moy Park

Pilgrim’s Moy Park launched a number of innovative products in 2018. Some examples include gluten-free breaded chicken, drum fillets and vegetarian goujons. The gluten-free products meet increasing consumer demand for healthier options, the drum fillets recognize increased demand for more convenient meal solutions, and the vegetarian goujons further expand our position as a diverse foodservice…

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Connecting with Consumers

JBS Australia Primo Foods

In 2018, Primo Foods identified consumer-oriented drivers to unlock additional category growth. Primo’s mission is to encourage consumers and shoppers to more confidently interact with and purchase sliced meats, bacon and other smallgood segments, and as such, innovation is a critically important element of successfully executing this mission. The Primo innovation team was able to…

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Improving Quality and Consistency


In our Beardstown and Ottumwa pork production facilities, X-ray technology was added to the trim blending process to enhance consistent lean point formulation and assist with foreign object detection in 2018. Additionally, X-ray technology was also added to the Bacon department in Ottumwa to enhance inspection.

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2018 National Quality Award TIF

Pilgrim’s Mexico

In 2018, the Pilgrim’s Mexico team won the National Quality Award TIF. This recognition is given by the National Association of Establishments TIF, AC, ANETIF, to companies with the best practices in food safety, business management and competitiveness, for the benefit of public health and the creation of value for consumers.

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