A Message from Our President and CEO

I am pleased to share with you our 2019 Sustainability Report – Food Forward. Every day, JBS USA produces food for millions of families around the world, and we’re committed to moving forward with sustainability at the forefront of all that we do. Even in the face of one of the greatest societal challenges of our time, sustainability remains an uncompromising priority for our business and our team members. We are excited about what we have accomplished to date and believe we have the opportunity to make a real difference for generations to come.  

In 2015, we set aggressive safety and sustainability goals to achieve by 2020 in our facilities in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We made progress on all of our goals in 2019, and even met or exceeded three goals a year early. Our results reflect our relentless focus on operational excellence, which drives the entrepreneurial culture that has helped make JBS USA one of the world’s leading food companies. Here are the highlights:

Our Goal:  Improve our Safety Index Score – which measures team member health and safety – by 10% each year between 2015 and 2020
In 2019:  We exceeded this goal, with an 18% improvement from 2018 to 2019

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce water-use intensity by 10%
As of 2019:  We’ve met this goal, achieving a 10% reduction in water-use intensity since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce electricity-use intensity by 12%
As of 2019:  We’ve exceeded this goal, with a 17% reduction in electricity-use intensity since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce natural gas-use intensity by 20%
As of 2019:  We’ve reduced natural gas-use intensity by 16% since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Reduce GHG emission intensity by 20%
As of 2019:  We’ve reduced GHG emission intensity by 17% since 2015

Our Goal for 2020:  Score 90% or better on our JBS USA Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard
As of 2019:  We’re on track to meet this goal

Our Goal for 2020:  100% supplier adherence with our Supplier Code of Conduct
As of 2019:  We’re on track to meet this goal

We could not have achieved these milestones on our own. Our more than 100,000 global team members, farmer and rancher partners, customers and shareholders have contributed to our collective success. In partnership as we move forward, we will continue to invest in our people, our business and our communities, with an ongoing promise to be the best.  

In the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, we believe the work we do is more important than ever. Rest assured that, despite the uncertainties of today, our commitment to sustainably achieving our goals has not changed. When we meet our goals, we’ll set new ones that will push us in the future. Working together, we can move food forward and improve the lives of so many.

We appreciate your interest in our efforts and look forward to having you alongside us on this journey. 


Andre Nogueira

President and CEO, JBS USA